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Reach your goals with fresh ideas and reliable content for your content marketing program from a reliable content guide with real-world experience.

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John Egan - Your Content Architect
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Trusted to create content that moves the needle for brands such as:

Case Studies, White Papers, Blog Posts, and Much More
Ready-to-Publish Written Content
Content Marketing That Produces Results

Building a robust, impactful content marketing program — one that produces results — can leave you frustrated and overwhelmed.

There’s more noise out there than ever before, and getting your ideal clients’ attention can feel like an impossible task.

Maybe you’ve posted some blog articles here and there or tried to create a case study that showcases your results —but all that comes back is *crickets*.

Wasn’t content marketing supposed to change the game? Why do marketing goals feel even more out of reach? Is content still king? What’s the answer?

The reality is, your ideal clients or stakeholders are tired of fluff-filled, AI-generated, pointless content. It means nothing to them.

Building a robust, impactful content marketing program that works is simple. But it’s not easy.

That’s why I’m here to help.

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Hi, I’m John Egan, Your Content Architect

With a rich background as a journalist and editor, including my tenure as editor-in-chief at the Austin Business Journal, I bring a unique combination of journalistic standards and marketing acumen.

Over the years, I’ve helped organizations in sectors such as commercial real estate, financial services, HR, economic development, and health and wellness overcome their content marketing challenges and achieve their business goals.

Here's how I can help you:

Expert Content Strategies: I develop content strategies that drive results and align with your business objectives.

High-Quality Content Creation: From blog posts to white papers, I produce content designed to generate leads and boost brand awareness.

Collaborative Approach: I work as an extension of your team, offering fresh ideas and insights.

Market Knowledge: I take the time to deeply understand your market and ask the right questions.

Experience-Driven Solutions: I bring extensive experience and knowledge to provide honest feedback and produce impactful content.

Let’s transform your content marketing efforts together. Reach out to me today to start the conversation.

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Experience growth and reach goals through high-quality written content & strategy

When you work with me, you’re not just hiring a content creator —you’re partnering with someone who also understands content strategy, as well as the power of great content and the impact it can have on your business.

Here’s what you can expect:

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Free up your team to focus on other priorities.
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Inject new perspectives and creativity into your content strategy.
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Drive results with content that generates more leads and brand awareness.
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Align your content marketing strategy with your business goals.
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Elevate your brand with high-quality content that stands out.
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Rest easy knowing your content is ready to publish with minimal revision.
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Achieve your goals with content that boosts leads and enhances your brand.
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Enjoy working with a reliable, knowledgeable partner dedicated to your success.

Let’s transform your content marketing efforts and achieve outstanding results together. Reach out to me today to start the conversation.

"John has written scores of personal finance and small business articles for us at Investopedia and The Balance over the past several years. His copy arrives clean and easy to edit, it's always well-sourced and in alignment with our style guide, and maybe best of all, it's easy to read (John truly has a "writer's ear").

For me, he's covered topics in credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, home warranties, and small business. For other editors, he's written about insurance and banking (and probably much more). It's a broad range, but John's a personal finance polymath, with admirable research and reporting skills. He's a reliable contributor and a good communicator, and I never hesitate to consider him for an assignment."

Lars Peterson, smiling in his blue checkered polo and eyeglasses

Lars Peterson

Senior Editor, Investopedia

"John is a dream to work with. He is highly skilled at interviewing and is intuitive as well as impeccably factual in crafting content. I was impressed by how quickly he recognized the intended impact of these communications as well as the needs of the target audiences of the Texas Economic Development Corp., and he built content that performed as well as we had hoped. He consistently exceeded our expectations in everything he did."

Lisa with short blond hair, smiling with scarf around her neck

Lisa Trow

External Communications Lead, Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.


With over a decade of experience in content marketing, I can provide as much support as needed.

À La Carte Services

Have a specific project in mind? I provide high-quality content such as:
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Case Studies
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White Papers
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Blog Posts
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Long-Form Articles
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Press Releases
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Content Marketing Program

If you want to create a robust and reliable content marketing program, I can provide strategic, editorial, and production support.
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All of my À La Carte Services plus
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Strategic Planning
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Content Programming
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Editorial Support
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Content Marketing System
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Content Roadmap
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How It Works

Ready to take the first step in collaborating with me? Here’s what you can expect.

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15-Minute Discovery Call

No-pressure, casual conversation about what you have going on. Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other. 

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Strategy & Planning

I’ll create a plan tailored to your needs and goals —developing your content strategy from a place of strength.

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Draft & Revisions

I’m dedicated to delivering publish-ready content, but I’ve been doing this long enough to know that tweaks are sometimes necessary.

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Publish & Reach Your Goals

This is the fun part! Start reaching your goals through content marketing that works. Ditch the fluff and experience success!


John is one of our go-to freelance writers in all things related to the workplace. From research deep dives and nationwide trends to quirky anecdotes, John has reported it all for us. He is through, gets great sources and quotes, and completes work on time. Would 100% recommend!

Smiling Beth wearing glasses

Beth Mirza

Newsroom Director, SHRM

John is one of our go-to thinkers, writers, and strategists — especially for our clients in financial services. His writing is crisp, coherent, authoritative, and easy for the audience to follow, and he never ever disappoints. John's experience is extensive and crosses into many different industries, formats, and platforms. He's like the Swiss army knife of content people.

Todd with short brown hair and beard, smiling, wearing a black shirt

Todd Anthony

Founder/Head of Strategy and Creative, Pinwheel

Why Work With John Egan?

Choosing a content partner can feel daunting.

There’s plenty of  so-called “experts” out there, but along with it comes a bunch of fluff-filled, boring content.

Your in-house staff is feeling overwhelmed, ideas and campaigns feel like shots in the dark, and another year of worthless content feels inevitable.

Something has to change. I’m here to help.

You need a reliable and robust content marketing program that moves the needle.

You need content that connects with your ideal clients, delivers the right message and fits into your broader content strategy.

No more missed opportunities due to a disorganized content marketing plan —it’s time to win.

Let’s do this.

Ready to take the next step toward a robust, impactful content marketing program?

Let’s have a casual, no-pressure conversation to see if we’re a good fit!