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My Open Letter To you

I understand the frustration of another failed content marketing initiative. You might even be questioning if content marketing can work for your business.

  • “This was supposed to work!” 
  • “Content is king, right?” 
  • “Why is no one reading our blog?”
  • “What are we doing wrong?”

Can you relate?

Your content doesn’t need to fall flat — it CAN help you reach your goals.

The reality is you need a robust, polished content marketing program that moves the needle — and I’m here to help you do that.

I take a holistic approach to content marketing. Stuffing keywords in a blog post stopped working a long time ago (although it feels like much of the industry hasn’t yet learned that).

A well-tuned content marketing engine consists of strategic planning, well-executed content, and crucial placement.

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John Egan  in beige suit and glasses against a black background

Meet John Egan, Writer, Editor & Content Marketing Strategist

Fresh out of journalism school at the University of Kansas, I worked for a small-ish daily newspaper in Jefferson City, the state capital of Missouri. That experience helped put me at ease with comprehending complicated subjects, interviewing high-profile people, and digging for details.

After my short stint in Jefferson City I moved to the “big city” — St. Louis. There, I worked as a copy editor for a daily newspaper and the St. Louis Business Journal. In those two positions, I honed my copy-editing skills

The copy-editing job at the St. Louis Business Journal was the launchpad for my next two positions — managing editor and editor of the Austin Business Journal. For almost seven years, I helped direct the editorial strategy there.

Armed with all of that journalism know-how, I then set off on two tracks: freelance writing and content marketing. On any given day, you’ll find me developing an ebook about finances for newlyweds, putting together a blog post about data centers, drafting a press release about a multimillion-dollar business deal, researching the latest diet trends or quizzing a CEO.

As the content marketing chief at three companies —
Bankrate Insurance, self-storage marketplace SpareFoot and lawn care provider LawnStarter — I developed and executed results-oriented, award-winning content marketing strategies that were tailored to various audiences.

Today, I apply that experience to the consulting work I carry out on behalf of content marketing clients, whether we’re brainstorming infographic concepts or coming up with editorial calendars.

John has written scores of personal finance and small business articles for us at Investopedia and The Balance over the past several years. His copy arrives clean and easy to edit, it's always well-sourced and in alignment with our style guide, and maybe best of all, it's easy to read (John truly has a "writer's ear"). For me. he's covered topics in credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, home warranties, and small business. For other editors, he's written about insurance and banking (and probably much more). It's a broad range, but John's a personal finance polymath, with admirable research and reporting skills. He's a reliable contributor and a good communicator, and I never hesitate to consider him for an assignment.

Lars Peterson, smiling in his blue checkered polo and eyeglasses

Lars Peterson

Senior Editor, Investopedia

John is a dream to work with. He is highly skilled at interviewing and is intuitive as well as impeccably factual in crafting content. I was impressed by how quickly he recognized the intended impact of these communications as well as the needs of the target audiences of the Texas Economic Development Corp., and he built content that performed as well as we had hoped. He consistently exceeded our expectations in everything he did. I would be delighted to work with John again. 

Lisa with short blond hair, smiling with scarf around her neck

Lisa Trow

External Communications Lead, Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.

John is one of our go-to freelance writers in all things related to the workplace. From research deep dives and nationwide trends to quirky anecdotes, John has reported it all for us. He is through, gets great sources and quotes, and completes work on time. Would 100% recommend!

Smiling Beth wearing glasses

Beth Mirza

Newsroom Director, SHRM

John is one of our go-to thinkers, writers, and strategists — especially for our clients in financial services. His writing is crisp, coherent, authoritative, and easy for the audience to follow, and he never ever disappoints. John's experience is extensive and crosses into many different industries, formats, and platforms. He's like the Swiss army knife of content people.

Todd with short brown hair and beard, smiling, wearing a black shirt

Todd Anthony

Founder/Head of Strategy and Creative, Pinwheel

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