The Stripped-Down Guide to Content Marketing: Success Secrets for Beginners

Level up your small-business content marketing with this guide for beginners—regardless of resources!

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In The Stripped-Down Guide to Content Marketing, I share the basics of creating and sharing relevant, high-quality online content designed to attract, educate, enlighten, and retain current and potential members of your audience. It’s the book I wish I’d had when I embarked on my content marketing journey.

The Stripped-Down Guide to Content Marketing is for anyone who’s new to content marketing or who wants to brush up their content marketing know-how.

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"I’ve played almost every role in the content world, from freelancer to director of content operations, and it can wear on you after a while. John Egan’s book revived my inner creator, gave me fresh methodologies for producing web content, and reminded me why brands need to invest way, way more in their content teams. This book is a wake-up call for established content creators and should be required reading for content teams!"

Haley Collins

Director of Content Operations, Content marketing agency GPO

"The Stripped-Down Guide to Content Marketing is a DIY hands-on guide to content marketing strategy complete with professional insider lessons and tips about what will work, what won’t, and more from the online world of content marketing."

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John Egan's book cover